He's hungry. 

He senses no danger. The food supply is limited and he needs to get to it before it's gone. 


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The Tombstone Deer Feeder is super quiet and looks natural in the field


The Problem

Most deer feeders don’t look natural standing above or beside a pile of corn. They make deer wary of approaching them during daytime hunting hours.  

And once a buck learns that a food supply will always be there, he will return to feed when he feels safest — USUALLY AFTER DARK.


The Solution

With a feeder that quietly and naturally provides feed at the same time every day — WELL BEFORE DARK — deer quickly learn that the feeding spot is safe, but the food supply is limited and it might not last until dark.

So they’d better get there it before it’s all gone.

My buddy, who was using one for a year kept bragging on them. Being the usual skeptic, I wasn’t convinced. That is, until he invited me along on opening day of bow season. After sitting for several hours, lo and behold a mid 150s class whitetail walks right in to the feeder and started chomping down corn. My buddy was able to make a clean shot and a short track job later, it was all over. I was sold right then and there. I immediately ordered one for myself.

  • David Wagler - Millersburg, Ohio

Better design produces better results


Success photos

See actual photos of mature does and trophy bucks drawn to this feeder in the field. 

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Success videos

See real video of big bucks taken with the Tombstone Deer Feeder.

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Until Ohio deer season begins

Sept. 26, 2020

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The first production run of Tombstone Deer feeders is under way now.  The first batch will be sent out for field testing soon.  In the weeks ahead we’ll be posting lots of success videos from our customers. 

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